MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix

MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix is a unique collagen-elastin-template, which serves as a dermal replacement scaffold and can be applied both in a One-Step and Two-Step Procedure.

MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix

  • Open Porous Matrix

  • No Chemical Cross-linking

  • Native Collagen Fibers

  • Contains Elastin

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MatriDerm® Clinical Performance
MatriDerm® Scientific Rationale

MatriDerm® is able to preservecloseness to human dermis, acceleratecell invasion, elongation and proliferation and limitmyofibroblast formation and contraction. This scientific performance is as a result of our Advanced CryoSafe® Method which gently preserves the native structure with no chemical crosslinking.1

1. Böhm S et al.; Materials 2017; 10(9), 1086


MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix preservescloseness to human dermis.

MatriDerm has similar ultrastructural features as native collagen fibre bundles in human dermis. The other processed dermal matrices show large fields with amorphous structures.

Dill, V. and Mörgelin, M. Int Wound J 2020; 17(3):618-630.

MatriDerm® Surgical Procedure Flexibility

MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix Indications

  • MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix Indications

    MatriDerm® is used in combination with autologous split-thickness skin grafts (STSG) for the reconstruction of deep dermal defects and full-thickness skin wounds in plastic reconstructive surgery and in the surgical treatment of burns, trauma and dermatological diseases. It is also used in the treatment of graft requiring poorly healing wounds (e.g. chronic wounds).

    The aim of treatment is to construct a neo-dermis, in order to improve the quality of reconstituted skin, reduce scarring, prevent wound contraction and restore functionality. MatriDerm® can also be used under intact skin for the temporary separation of tissues, thereby preventing adherence, especially of tendons and their surrounding connective tissue, after injuries or surgical procedures.

  • Burns

  • Trauma & Acute Wounds

  • Chronic Wounds

  • Cancer Excision

  • Adhesion Barrier

  • Donor Sites

  • Mucosal Defects

MatriDerm Dermal Matrix Trauma Application Video - Necrotizing Faciitis - Two-Step Procedure

MatriDerm Dermal Matrix Application Video – Defect Lower Leg after an Infection – One-Step Procedure

MatriDerm Dermal Matrix Application Video – Amputated Forefoot – One-Step Procedure

MatriDerm® Further Details

Note:MatriDerm® Dermal Matrix is not available in the United States of America